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wbcsd new business solutions | Scaling Corporate Green Bonds


Every sustainability related solution, standard, initiative or goal that the WBCSD and its member companies develop ultimately will be measured by its success in achieving scale.  A key element and potential missing ingredient has been the receptivity of the capital markets in recognizing and thus rewarding corporate sustainable initiatives. We will establish a working group to assist companies to develop the process to be able to consider, issue and innovate corporate green bonds. We have discovered a gap between the sustainability teams within member companies and their understanding and ability to work with their finance/treasury departments who regularly deal with the Capital Markets. Sustainability teams often claim that they have insufficient information on what it takes to issue a green bond (costs, effort etc.) or how to make the value of sustainability initiatives done at scale part of the financial viability and attractiveness argument for the company to the debt, equity or securities markets.

The output would be a Corporate Guide to Green Bonds to ease the path for new corporate issuers. The working group will include a diverse group of companies from various sectors including the financial and investment sectors.

“Green Bonds” is the generic term of art and is used in this instance to include more than just energy related investments. 

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Christopher Walkerwalker@wbcsd.org