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wbcsd new business solutions | Zero Emissions Cities


  • Catalyze global action to create low-carbon cities by working with municipal authorities and other key stakeholders to develop roadmaps to transform city energy systems towards zero emissions and then (where possible) by partnering with these cities to drive implementation. Develop zero emissions roadmaps for up to 20 cities by 2020. In the first phase, 2015, the project will engage with 2 cities with existing ambitious emissions reduction goals and 1 city in a fast growing emerging market.
  • Offer cities a highly-attractive opportunity to work with a multi-sector group of leading private sector solution providers to provide business perspectives and insights to the most critical choices faced by city decision-makers, across administrative departments. Major efficiency improvements in key sectors (buildings, mobility, industry), electrification with renewable energy, utilizing smart management systems to manage supply and demand as well as behavior change by urban energy users will be key drivers for the WBCSD and the partner cities.

  • Demonstrate that transformation is possible and provide clear best practice examples for others to follow. A toolkit will be developed to allow more cities to leverage the project outcomes, allowing replicability and scalability. The ZEC project will build on the success of the Urban Infrastructure Initiative, which proved the value of engaging with business early in the planning and strategy development process of a city’s sustainability vision.
  • Develop synergies with the two other urban-focused WBCSD projects, Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Sustainable Mobility Project.
  • Co-Chairs

    ARCADIS, DNV GL, Toshiba

  • Launch Date

    The first city engagements are being kicked off now (Amsterdam, Birmingham, city in India tbc).

  • Next Meetings / Call

    Monday 20 April 2015, Montreux

Get involved

If you would like further information and to get involved with this business solution please contact us.

Roland Hunziker –  hunziker@wbcsd.org